Road to paris

On Monday the 6th of May my class started to do our road to Paris.Mr Bell first asked us if we could find out the size of the court and add it up.After we added it up Mr bell told us to go outside and start running laps.Once we finished running laps Mr bell asked us to add the number of laps we did with 92.When we finished adding it up we had to go tell Mr Bell the total of the laps x 92.

Mainfrieght art calenders

On Tursday after morning tea my class started to design our Mainfright calenders,The theme for the year was what I like about school. We first had to draw our draft into our scrap book and they copy it into a A3 peace of paper.Once we finished drawing we have to color it with colors pencils or felt pens.On the back of the paper we have to put our name last name , age and school.

Cricket Tournament

On Tuesday morning my school held a cricket tournament. We started by getting into our house groups and choosing who’s going to play. When we finished choosing people Coach Lucas was preparing the court and setting up the sports equipment we needed. Mr Bell decided that Kauri(green) and Rata(red) would go first so they went down to the top court and stood in a line and waited for coach Lucas to tell them when they started. While Kauri and Rata were going to play Rimu(blue- the team I’m in ) and Totara(yellow) were going to be watching them play until Rimu and Totara played.


After a bit, Rata had to get some people from Rimu since they didn’t have enough people in there team.Finally they started playing and Kauri was fielding and Rata was batting. Since rata was batting first they hit the ball really hard and my friend zenalia caught it and we were all cheering for her.After a bit of Rata batting Kauri and Rata swapped and rata was fielding and Kauri was batting.My team was cheering for both rata and Kauri really loud which made our throats really hurt.Coach Lucas wanted to bat for fun and he hit is really high and we all started cheering for him again.


Finally after a bit Rimu and Totara started playing against each other.We went down to the top court and has to do rock paper scissors to decide whos going to field and whos batting.My team started fielding and Totara was batting.Since Totara was batting first they hit it and Graziel caught and we started cheering for her.After a bit we stopped fielding and swapped with totara and we started batting.After all of us finished batting we finished the tournament and had to go eat lunch.


St Patricks Day Recount

Last Friday my school celebrated St patrick’s day.Firstly we went to mass and sang some songs.After mass we went back to class and did some St patricks work,one of the activities i did was wordle.Since it was raining we weren’t able to do the games on Friday so the teacher decided to schedule it for Monday.


On monday we first had room 6s assembly. After assembly we did some maths until the bell rang for morning tea.


Once morning was finished we had to sit in our classes in a line and wait for Ms Bullot to call out our names to get into teams.After a bit my name was finally called out. I was in the group called Emeralds and my team leaders were Laura and Minh.


After everyone got sorted into our teams we went off to start playing games. The first game my team played was Mrs Agnew’s game which was just called cricket bowling. After that we went to play Mr Bell’s games which was called scatterball. My team was vs Fe’ao  team and they beat us by one point. After a few more games we finally got to the last game which was Sister Evalasi’s game. When we finished the game we went down to the canopy and waited for our iceblocks to come out. There were three flavours which were Tropical,pineapple and orange. The flavour that my team got was pineapple. After we ate our iceblocks we said our lunch prayers and we went to have our lunch.


After lunch we went back into our class and got comfy so we could finish watching spirited away. Once we finished watching a bit we started to clean the classroom.When we finished cleaning we got our bags and said karakia then went to the canopy to line up and go home.


I really enjoyed the St Patrick’s day activities and I can’t wait for what activities we are going to do next year but my feet were hurting a lot.

Goliath Birdeater

At school my class learned about the goliath birdeater. We watched a video about it so we can get some ideas and facts. One of the facts I learned was that the goliath birdeater has 8 eyes but still has bad eye sight. The goliath birdeater is found in the northern part of south America. It is the largest spider in the world by mass and body length.The lifespan of the goliath birdeater is  about 15-20 years. After we wrote some facts we wrote a paragraph about the goliath birdeater.When we finished we copied the paragraph down on to our chromebooks.


The paragraph that i wrote:

The Goliath Birdeater is really big.It about a footlong that can cover someones head.The goliath birdeater has lots of predators but has a really hard time trying to hide since it has poor eye sight.

My summer holiday

My summer Holiday

 During my summer holidays I went to a beach with my family in Australia.The beach was called Terrigal beach and it took around 20 minutes to get there. Once i got there my family and I went to go find a spot to set up, Once we found a place we set up all of our stuff. My dad ,  my brother and me, got in our swimsuits and went to the ocean.


I started to swim and lots more people were coming and the waves were getting a lot more bigger. The waves were really strong and they started pushing me which was making me drown.One of the the waves were really big  which made me drown and drift away  a  bit of where i was before. Lots of surfers started coming which was getting really hard not to get pushed into since the waves were really huge.


I decided to have a little break and get some snacks so i made my way back to where my mum was and asked her if I could have some snacks. She pulled out some snacks and drinks from her bag and gave them to my brother and I. I started to eat the food my mom prepared for us while watching the waves.They were really pretty so i took a few pictures and some videos. I finished eating so i went back to the ocean and started to swim again.


After a few minutes of swimming,My family left the beach and went to the changing rooms to get changed.We finished getting changed and left the beach to go on a little walk around the area.We started walking for a bit and went around this hill and started to walk up it.We went to the very end of the hill and started to look at the waves and take pictures.We left the hill and started walking back to our car.

We left the area and started to drive in dominos to get some pizza since we haven’t ate in a while.We got to dominos and ordered the pizza we wanted and waited.We got our pizza and got to our and started driving home.