Matariki Stars


How to make a Matariki Star:

The things you need are cardboard, wool (2 colours), scissors and a pencil.

First cut a circle around your cardboard shape. Next  cut 1.5cm  slits that have an equal distance between them. Now get your  first colour of wool and slide it into the first slit, leaving a tail on the other side. Begin making your way around the shape, passing through each slit several times until you have your desired look, leaving enough space to tie a loop.

Use your second colour of wool to weave a different side of the star from 1 to 6 etc. Above is my star which I like a lot and looks good with all the other stars on our display.












2 thoughts on “Matariki Stars

  1. Dear Olivia
    When I read your Matariki blog it looked very lovely because it looked like there were no mistakes.When I read your blog it also reminded me of the time when I made my Matariki star out of wool and it looked just the same as yours.
    It looked like you had so much fun making it and I can’t wait until you make another one of your amazing blogs.
    Your friend:Marii

  2. Kamusta olivia,
    I love how you explained very well in your post and how you memorized of how you did those Matariki stars and how you made it I love it very much its really pretty keep going and maybe you will know how to make it really good.
    From Zenalia

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