St Patricks Day Recount

Last Friday my school celebrated St patrick’s day.Firstly we went to mass and sang some songs.After mass we went back to class and did some St patricks work,one of the activities i did was wordle.Since it was raining we weren’t able to do the games on Friday so the teacher decided to schedule it for Monday.


On monday we first had room 6s assembly. After assembly we did some maths until the bell rang for morning tea.


Once morning was finished we had to sit in our classes in a line and wait for Ms Bullot to call out our names to get into teams.After a bit my name was finally called out. I was in the group called Emeralds and my team leaders were Laura and Minh.


After everyone got sorted into our teams we went off to start playing games. The first game my team played was Mrs Agnew’s game which was just called cricket bowling. After that we went to play Mr Bell’s games which was called scatterball. My team was vs Fe’ao  team and they beat us by one point. After a few more games we finally got to the last game which was Sister Evalasi’s game. When we finished the game we went down to the canopy and waited for our iceblocks to come out. There were three flavours which were Tropical,pineapple and orange. The flavour that my team got was pineapple. After we ate our iceblocks we said our lunch prayers and we went to have our lunch.


After lunch we went back into our class and got comfy so we could finish watching spirited away. Once we finished watching a bit we started to clean the classroom.When we finished cleaning we got our bags and said karakia then went to the canopy to line up and go home.


I really enjoyed the St Patrick’s day activities and I can’t wait for what activities we are going to do next year but my feet were hurting a lot.

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