Characterisation of Storm Boy

I am free and easy. When I’m surrounded by nature I am overjoyed with happiness. I really love animals and many unusual fish, shells and birds have become my friends. I know everything I know from Fingerbone Bill. I look like a child but I understand many things that happen around me more like an adult does. I am unafraid and love living where we do.

I am…….. Storm boy

Our ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday Mr Bell organised a ki o rahi  tournament at school. It was our first ever ki o rahi tournament and after a term’s lessons, we were now going to play games against Rooms 7 and 8. After morning tea we got into our house groups and Mr Bell  called out which groups were going to play first in the tournament. The first teams were kauri and rata.  After Mr bell called out the groups the games finally started down on the field. My class went down and we started watching the game. Once the game ended it was time for the next round  so the teams got ready for that. That is how the tournament went until lunchtime.

I enjoyed playing my game because we were all mixed and we played pretty well. In the end, we were all sweaty and tired. Thanks to coach Trey for  helping us to get better at ki o rahi, and for giving Willietony fake $100 from monopoly.




ANZAC Biscuits !!


Last Thursday, my class tried ANZAC biscuits. They were very hard like rocks but they were surprisingly yummy.  When I tried them for the first time they tasted a little weird but when I took the second bite it tasted better but a lot of crumbs came out of my mouth! They tasted like coconuts and oats mixed together. Back in World War 1 in 1915, these ANZAC biscuits were made by the women back home because they could travel to Europe without becoming rotten. The soldiers enjoyed receiving these gifts.  ANZAC biscuits include coconuts, oats, butter, flour, golden syrup and baking soda. The ANZAC biscuits are round like a sphere and have little oats sticking out . The texture of the top of the biscuits was as rough as the bark of the tree. I can’t wait for the next ANZAC day so I can hopefully try another ANZAC BISCUIT. !!!

Last weekend St Patrick’s celebrated our 175 jubilee and we also celebrated St Patrick’s day at school on Friday. That was the start of the festivities.


On Friday morning I woke up very tired but then I remembered that today was St Patrick’s Day, so that made me wake up easier. I started to get ready for school and when I was ready I went to school. After a while the bell finally rang, so my class washed our hands and went up to church. When we got there we went to sit down, and when I turned around there were alot of people waiting for the Mass to begin. We finally started church and started to sing some songs we had to practise for weeks before.

After church we went outside and we started to dig something up that had been buried for 25 years. Once we finally dug it up it was in a box, a very dirty box. We opened it up and there were alot of old pictures in it. Once we’d finished looking in the box we went back to our class. When we got back we started to do the normal things we would do until the bell rang for morning tea.


After morning tea the whole school went under the canopy and our principal called out our groups that we would be in since we were going to play some games. The group I was in was called the Celts and all the groups were Irish words.Once I got in my group we started to play some games. After we played some games we went back under the canopy and we were finally able to eat the popsicles that we had been waiting for since I was very hot.


On Sunday I woke up and got ready. I went to church since it was our parish’s 175 jubilee celebrations. We started the Mass and one of the most amazing parts of the celebration was when this girl was sitting on this Tongan platform called a fata. She was also holding the bible. After the Sunday mass we went to the hall and sang some songs and also danced to one of the dances that we had to practise for many days. After my brother and I danced and sang some songs we went  home.


I really enjoyed this jubilee celebration.