My summer holiday

My summer Holiday

 During my summer holidays I went to a beach with my family in Australia.The beach was called Terrigal beach and it took around 20 minutes to get there. Once i got there my family and I went to go find a spot to set up, Once we found a place we set up all of our stuff. My dad ,  my brother and me, got in our swimsuits and went to the ocean.


I started to swim and lots more people were coming and the waves were getting a lot more bigger. The waves were really strong and they started pushing me which was making me drown.One of the the waves were really big  which made me drown and drift away  a  bit of where i was before. Lots of surfers started coming which was getting really hard not to get pushed into since the waves were really huge.


I decided to have a little break and get some snacks so i made my way back to where my mum was and asked her if I could have some snacks. She pulled out some snacks and drinks from her bag and gave them to my brother and I. I started to eat the food my mom prepared for us while watching the waves.They were really pretty so i took a few pictures and some videos. I finished eating so i went back to the ocean and started to swim again.


After a few minutes of swimming,My family left the beach and went to the changing rooms to get changed.We finished getting changed and left the beach to go on a little walk around the area.We started walking for a bit and went around this hill and started to walk up it.We went to the very end of the hill and started to look at the waves and take pictures.We left the hill and started walking back to our car.

We left the area and started to drive in dominos to get some pizza since we haven’t ate in a while.We got to dominos and ordered the pizza we wanted and waited.We got our pizza and got to our and started driving home.


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