Goliath Birdeater

At school my class learned about the goliath birdeater. We watched a video about it so we can get some ideas and facts. One of the facts I learned was that the goliath birdeater has 8 eyes but still has bad eye sight. The goliath birdeater is found in the northern part of south America. It is the largest spider in the world by mass and body length.The lifespan of the goliath birdeater is  about 15-20 years. After we wrote some facts we wrote a paragraph about the goliath birdeater.When we finished we copied the paragraph down on to our chromebooks.


The paragraph that i wrote:

The Goliath Birdeater is really big.It about a footlong that can cover someones head.The goliath birdeater has lots of predators but has a really hard time trying to hide since it has poor eye sight.

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