Cricket Tournament

On Tuesday morning my school held a cricket tournament. We started by getting into our house groups and choosing who’s going to play. When we finished choosing people Coach Lucas was preparing the court and setting up the sports equipment we needed. Mr Bell decided that Kauri(green) and Rata(red) would go first so they went down to the top court and stood in a line and waited for coach Lucas to tell them when they started. While Kauri and Rata were going to play Rimu(blue- the team I’m in ) and Totara(yellow) were going to be watching them play until Rimu and Totara played.


After a bit, Rata had to get some people from Rimu since they didn’t have enough people in there team.Finally they started playing and Kauri was fielding and Rata was batting. Since rata was batting first they hit the ball really hard and my friend zenalia caught it and we were all cheering for her.After a bit of Rata batting Kauri and Rata swapped and rata was fielding and Kauri was batting.My team was cheering for both rata and Kauri really loud which made our throats really hurt.Coach Lucas wanted to bat for fun and he hit is really high and we all started cheering for him again.


Finally after a bit Rimu and Totara started playing against each other.We went down to the top court and has to do rock paper scissors to decide whos going to field and whos batting.My team started fielding and Totara was batting.Since Totara was batting first they hit it and Graziel caught and we started cheering for her.After a bit we stopped fielding and swapped with totara and we started batting.After all of us finished batting we finished the tournament and had to go eat lunch.


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