Year: 2023

Real or photoshop

Today we were learning to be observant when we see different media. We watched a video about a house hippo and thought about things that we already know about hippos.We then went to our Chromebooks and we went to figure out if  the images were fake or real. This was one of the photos that was hard for me because I thought it was photoshopped because everything looked too perfect. It is real!! ZAotoshop/index.html



The stone cottage in Panmure

On Tuesday morning my class went to the stone cottage by our school. Around 10 am it was my classes turn to go to the cottage. Luckily for us the cottage was only across the road.

Once we got there we met these two people named Terry and Patrick. Terry showed us a few pictures of Panmure back in the days. She was telling us the history of Panmure and one of the things she told us was that the stone cottage used to be by the McDonalds that we now have in Mt Wellington.

When she was done telling us the history she let us inside. Once inside we went to the first room which was opposite from the bedroom. It was the parlour or sitting room and we were greeted by this lady named Josephine. At first I thought she was a mannequin until I saw her eyes blinking. There were  lots of pictures in the room which had a lot of history.

We finished and went into the other room. The room we went into next, had a lot of old fashioned stuff like old dolls, clothes and some old fashioned bed covers. There  were two old fashioned dolls which were really creepy.

After that we went into the kitchen and the lady showed us some antique cups and bowls. Most of the bowls and cups were really pretty and elegant. In the kitchen there was this really creepy doll sitting on this old highchair.

We went upstairs and looked in this one room which had a lot of antique stuff like typewriters, a Faberge egg, perfume bottles, a corset and a man’s boots and some more old stuff.

We went into the second bedroom which had another crib with a doll inside of it and there was another bed. There were 3 mannequins with different clothes that had been donated over  the years. They were old.

At the very end my class went back down stairs and went outside and took a few pictures. It was really nice and interesting there. I have often wondered what was inside the cottage




My Cycling Experience

Yesterday my class had the opportunity to take cycling lessons. We were introduced to two people named Kyla and Kate who were the coaches who were going to teach us how to be safe while cycling. They first showed us the proper clothing we should wear when cycling. They said that we should wear vibrant colours when cycling so cars can see us easily on the road. The shoes they recommended to wear were closed shoes and not  crocs or sandals

After that they told us to go outside and find the right helmet that fitted us. Once we got our helmets they told us to line up from shortest to tallest by the fence. They got our bikes for us and then split us into two groups. One group were less confident people and one for people who were more confident riders. The more confident people went with Kyla on the top court and the less confident went with Kate under the canopy.

The  first thing we did was riding around the top court in a circle following one another. After that we played a few games and one of the games was called ‘red light green light.’ Once we were done we played this other game where you had to be the last one at the finish line to win but it was really hard to do it since you couldn’t touch the ground and if you did you were out.

After more games we finally played this one game and it was really fun since we had to have a bean bag on out heads while cycling around all these obstacles and if it fall you had to run back and get it. We finally finished but we had a few minutes left before lunch so we played this game called “buddy up” where we had to get a partner and do some challenges like you had to piggy back your or go under them.

I had a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again soon. It is very important to feel confident on a bike and feel safe.


















My Swimming Experience

For the last 2 weeks we’ve had the opportunity to do swimming lessons. The things we had to bring were our  togs, goggles, towel, swim cap and a jacket which was optional. We started our swimming lessons on Tuesday 1st of August and ended on Monday 14th.

On the first day of swimming we had to get changed and then go on the bus to the swimming pool. When we got there we got split into different lanes depending on how good we were. The three lanes were beginner, intermediate and advanced. I was in advanced class with a few of my friends. The first thing we did was freestyle which was kind of easy. Then once we finished we did backstroke. After we did that we did some diving.

On one of the last days of swimming we were able to go on a boat which was really fun because we got pushed off  it and we also went under it. When we finished we went to this other activity where someone has to pretend to drown and we have to save them with life jackets, a rope and the rescue bag.

One of my favourite things we did were breaststroke and diving. On the last day we just did our normal swimming. It was really fun and I can’t wait for next year to do swimming again.




Matariki Stars


How to make a Matariki Star:

The things you need are cardboard, wool (2 colours), scissors and a pencil.

First cut a circle around your cardboard shape. Next  cut 1.5cm  slits that have an equal distance between them. Now get your  first colour of wool and slide it into the first slit, leaving a tail on the other side. Begin making your way around the shape, passing through each slit several times until you have your desired look, leaving enough space to tie a loop.

Use your second colour of wool to weave a different side of the star from 1 to 6 etc. Above is my star which I like a lot and looks good with all the other stars on our display.