How to make a fruit salad

Introduction: it is good for your health to eat fruit every day.

Equipment: fruit, board, sharp knife, peeler, platter, water, soap

steps needed:

1.Wash your hands

2.Put all the equipment on a table

3.Now you are going to get some apples

4. Now peel the skins of your apple

5.Now cut your apples and cut the core of your apple

6.Now get oranges and cut the skins off

7.Now cut the oranges in small pieces

8.Now get some kiwi fruit and cut the skins off

9. Now cut the kiwi fruit into small pieces

10.Now place all the fruits onto the platter

11.Now get the bananas and peel them

12.Now slice on top of the other fruits

13.Empty the skins and put into the compost bin

14.Now wash your hands

15. Finally you can eat the fruit salad

Conclusion: now you have a healthy snack to eat








One thought on “How to make a fruit salad

  1. The fruit salad looked so good was i fun making it i really feel like eating fruit salad im going to make fruit salad at home because it looked delicious.

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