Year: 2022

Preparing for Athletics Day

After morning tea  my class and I were starting to prepare for athletics day which is on the 18 of September and our coach’s  name was coach Bart and we were playing on the field.

First we practiced doing some sprinting and there were lots of challenges like having to go on our toes, then going on our heels, standing tall or having to crouch and the hardest one for me was having to go on my heels.

After that we played this game called sheepdog and its like tag but not tag so in sheepdogs there would be two sheepdogs who would have  a noodle and they would have to try and tag the other players and we would play in a square and if they get tagged they would have to run around the the square and luckily for me I never got tagged.

Later we practiced some racing but first we had to get into groups of 4 and go down to the hedge and our coach also put up some blue and orange cones and then we had line up behind the orange cone and the first person in the line would have to stand by the blue cones and the coach would say “On your marks, get set, go” but instead of saying go he would clap and the person standing by the blue cone would have to run to wall. After that we did some more running but it’s a bit different so the person in front would go to the blue cone and the person behind the person would go to the orange line and coach Bart would say go and they would both go and the person by the orange cone would have to chase the other person and they would have try get them.

After that  we would each get a little foam pig and we would have to lay on the ground and put the foam  pig just above our heads and then we got back up we had to try and jump to our pig and our standing position was having  our legs a bit apart, bend our knees and our arms swinging and then after that we would do the same but we have to try make it past our pig with the same position. Sadly for me it took a while for me to get past the pig but I eventually did it.

At last we finally finished and we were all sweaty and hot but at least I learned some new things.







Making our class movie

At the beginning of Term 3, my teacher brought some very ugly and gross potatoes. into class. We didn’t want to touch them at all. Then later, my teacher brought some new and very pretty potatoes to class and we used these to make our own potato people. My potato looked like a normal person but in a potato body.When I was making my potato I used some shiny  things for the eyes and I used some fabric for the mouth and  some other fabric for its clothes and I gave it  some purple hair with a fringe.

A week later we made these little movies  in groups.  The potatoes we made were used in making the little movie. There are 4 jobs people use to make a movie and they are the director, camera man, scene manager and editor. I really liked being the scene manager because I liked moving all the potatoes slowly for each photo.

Some days later we started making the background stuff and we had to make a rocket,evil layer and castle  and i was making the rocket.

The Stolen Princess  is the name of our Class movie. This is a brief outline of the story: once upon a time there was a princess and it was her birthday but something terrible happened. The princess was captured by an evil monster so the royal astronauts went into space to save her and they went back home and continued the birthday party. They lived happily ever after. I can’t wait to see our stop motion movie at the Manaiakalani Film Festival next term.

How to make a fruit salad

Introduction: it is good for your health to eat fruit every day.

Equipment: fruit, board, sharp knife, peeler, platter, water, soap

steps needed:

1.Wash your hands

2.Put all the equipment on a table

3.Now you are going to get some apples

4. Now peel the skins of your apple

5.Now cut your apples and cut the core of your apple

6.Now get oranges and cut the skins off

7.Now cut the oranges in small pieces

8.Now get some kiwi fruit and cut the skins off

9. Now cut the kiwi fruit into small pieces

10.Now place all the fruits onto the platter

11.Now get the bananas and peel them

12.Now slice on top of the other fruits

13.Empty the skins and put into the compost bin

14.Now wash your hands

15. Finally you can eat the fruit salad

Conclusion: now you have a healthy snack to eat








Legit of fake?

Today we were learning about to see if it was legit of fake

When we are online it is important to make sure not to give your personal information on the internet

In our story,the moral of the story was we don’t know who the bad guy is and good guy

Animations Blog – Mother and daughter Beach day

We  have been making animations on my chromebooks in Google slides

I really enjoyed this because I got to explore all the different shapes and make them move.


My favourite part was when i had to decide what to call it and to  choose the different colors

My story is about a mother and a daughter who had a beach day then after they went for a swim  they went home and  had dinner after that then went to sleep.

Ki o Rahi

Last Thursday we were about to learn how to play this game called ki o rahi and our coach was Chelsea. We couldn’t play in the end because it was raining and we couldn’t set up on the field. 

First we watched a video of the story of Ki o rahi and after that we went outside and played this tagging game. We had to get in teams and then coach Chelsea told us our team names. I was on the team Taniwha and the other team was called Kioma. Then our coach called out one of the team names and if she called out kioma the other team had to try and tag someone on the other team. 

When we were done playing we played this other game called octopus. There had to be two octopuses and they would say something like run if you have black shoes, and you have to run to get to the end of the canopy. When we were done coach Chelsea went to the other classes. I am looking forward to next Thursday and hopefully the weather is better and we can learn Ki o rahi.