ANZAC Biscuits !!


Last Thursday, my class tried ANZAC biscuits. They were very hard like rocks but they were surprisingly yummy.  When I tried them for the first time they tasted a little weird but when I took the second bite it tasted better but a lot of crumbs came out of my mouth! They tasted like coconuts and oats mixed together. Back in World War 1 in 1915, these ANZAC biscuits were made by the women back home because they could travel to Europe without becoming rotten. The soldiers enjoyed receiving these gifts.  ANZAC biscuits include coconuts, oats, butter, flour, golden syrup and baking soda. The ANZAC biscuits are round like a sphere and have little oats sticking out . The texture of the top of the biscuits was as rough as the bark of the tree. I can’t wait for the next ANZAC day so I can hopefully try another ANZAC BISCUIT. !!!

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