Preparing for Athletics Day

After morning tea  my class and I were starting to prepare for athletics day which is on the 18 of September and our coach’s  name was coach Bart and we were playing on the field.

First we practiced doing some sprinting and there were lots of challenges like having to go on our toes, then going on our heels, standing tall or having to crouch and the hardest one for me was having to go on my heels.

After that we played this game called sheepdog and its like tag but not tag so in sheepdogs there would be two sheepdogs who would have  a noodle and they would have to try and tag the other players and we would play in a square and if they get tagged they would have to run around the the square and luckily for me I never got tagged.

Later we practiced some racing but first we had to get into groups of 4 and go down to the hedge and our coach also put up some blue and orange cones and then we had line up behind the orange cone and the first person in the line would have to stand by the blue cones and the coach would say “On your marks, get set, go” but instead of saying go he would clap and the person standing by the blue cone would have to run to wall. After that we did some more running but it’s a bit different so the person in front would go to the blue cone and the person behind the person would go to the orange line and coach Bart would say go and they would both go and the person by the orange cone would have to chase the other person and they would have try get them.

After that  we would each get a little foam pig and we would have to lay on the ground and put the foam  pig just above our heads and then we got back up we had to try and jump to our pig and our standing position was having  our legs a bit apart, bend our knees and our arms swinging and then after that we would do the same but we have to try make it past our pig with the same position. Sadly for me it took a while for me to get past the pig but I eventually did it.

At last we finally finished and we were all sweaty and hot but at least I learned some new things.







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